Top Solution For Protecting Intellectual Property For Software Development Companies

A company’s greatest value nowadays is its intellectual property. Every company should take care of its IP protection, and this is especially true for technology development companies. If in the early stages of development of such organizations data leakage and theft of intellectual property occurs, probably the company will no longer be able to recover and function in the market. In this article, we’ll break down how technology companies can properly protect their intellectual property and what digital solutions can help them do so.

Types of intellectual property protection and how to apply them to IT products 

To protect your IT intellectual property, there are several types of protections that apply depending on the nature of your creation. Below we will talk about these types of IP protection such as: 

  • Copyright

Copyrights are designed to protect the realization of your idea in the form of a finished concrete product. This type of protection covers source code, object code, and user interfaces 

  • Patents 

This type of protection is designed to protect your idea, not its implementation. They apply to the protection of the preparatory material, algorithms, and architectures of your ideas. However, it is worth noting that a patent is an expensive service, which may be unaffordable for startups.

  • Commercial secrecy 

Commercial secret protects all the information that the company possesses and works with. It does not need to be published and can be kept for an unlimited amount of time. For example, if a technology company starts to develop a new product and creates the business architecture for it, then the architecture will be a trade secret until someone else does the same. 

Best intellectual property protection solution 

Each type of protection above exists on its own, but instead of applying each one separately, your company can purchase unique software that combines the best intellectual property protection features. We’re talking about virtual data rooms, which are considered some of the best solutions for storing and protecting your company’s sensitive data. 

The protection of these solutions is on par with banking and military systems. VDR vendors provide various security certifications that show compliance with international security standards, the best of these certifications are ISO and SOC. You can choose your quality supplier at

So, how can VDRs secure your company’s intellectual property? About that below:

  • Secure internal security protocols

Virtual data rooms form and enable their customers to use non-disclosure agreements. NDAs can be used when working on a project with a development team, or when providing your data to a potential investor. You no longer have to worry about the privacy of your work.

  • Implementation of security measures

This is accomplished through a security feature such as data access control which helps regulate the visibility and interaction with the documents. You will be able to prohibit forwarding, copying, printing, uploading, and editing any item. As well as monitoring features, with which you can monitor the integrity of your data and the actions of each user. VDRs also use: 

  1. Encryption of data – encryption of documents makes them unreadable for unauthorized users and so they lose any value, even if data theft has occurred
  2. Two-factor authentication -protects login against unauthorized intrusion
  3. Watermark -acts as a mark that identifies your property, protects against data leakage, and can even provide information about what has been done with the document